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Graveyard - done. yay! It would be more "excited" but I'm tired. Today starts a stretch of late night shifts though... and I'm still tired (though it's more because of *cough* well... the girls on my flist would understand :P).

Last night, I went out to dinner with my sister. It was nice, but I am not an alcohol drinker (the ones I only like are the ones that don't taste like alcohol, like the fruity drinks) and I thought I'd try a Sangarita (it's supposed to be a cross between Sangria and Margarita) which was more like red wine. Ech. Not my type of drink. I'd rather have a Lava Flow (strawberry, coconut, pineapple, and a tiny shot of whatever liquer or vodka). :D

Hmm... a bit slow. I think I've caught up with most of my responsibilities.

Except now... Lala is bombarding me with RP. PBBT!

Speaking of which... the Gackie "NEVERENDING DRAMALLAMA FIC OF DOOM" as she calls it is DONE. Yay! The Series is here. F-locked :D though I did deviate and write a bit more (if you look at the bottom) that I haven't released yet. [Edit: just released.]
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