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Wow... I haven't updated in a while...

*tries to remedy*

At first, there was nothing new. I mean, work is work and lately I've been working all late-shifts so it was not "new" right? Last week was three 2-10:30pm and two 12-8:30pm shifts, and this week will be one 11-7:30pm, two 2-10:30pm, and (BLAH) two midnight-8:00am shifts (and I will bet good money that I will not get to leave at 8am on the dot because the supervisor who is scheduled to come in at 8am to take over is ALWAYS LATE!) :P. On the work front, surprisingly one girl quit. She was an all right person / average worker, and I might have had a few complaints about her but it wasn't like I hated her; it just sucks because of the timing - because they haven't hired her replacement yet - so we are short. *SIGH*

I did buy her a cake for her last day -- wow, is it me or are they getting expensive? I went just to an ordinary supermarket and it cost $15 for something small. Of course, I haven't bought premade cakes in forever but I thought Costco was $12 for twice the size. And btw, ice cream cakes (or is it just Baskin Robbins?) are EXPENSIVE too. But I don't think they've increased as dramatically since the past? Weren't they in the low $20s before and now they are high $20s? Anyways, the cake was white with banana cream and whipcream and actually wasn't bad.

OH AND I HAD LAST SATURDAY OFF! I almost forgot to post that! I had requested it off and was approved and so... my sister and I went to see "Wicked" (!!!!) at the Pantages. We had lunch at Hollywood/Highland -The Kodak- Center and then saw the matinee. I like it much better than "Phantom of the Opera"; I guess I just like the plot better. *hides from Opera fans*

RP - WW - AAAACCCCKKKK! Randie! What happened? Did you drink a lot of caffeine? Yesterday, you seemed to turn into a thread-machine! ;D On the other RP fronts, I'm almost done with one app, and will start the second one today! :) Yay!

And I need to work on icons!

Ooo... permanent accounts will be on sale soon. *MASSIVE INTERNAL DEBATE* Should I get one? Decisions!
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