Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

New Layout

Anyone notice my new layout? :) Cedric/Cho squee! ;) Now I just have to change my user id profile pic... I was probably going to do a "Remember Cedric" one, unless I do another pic mod or find a cute Robert/Katie pic -although lots of those make cute icons ;) -or I just may delete it all and have a blank boring user id. I'll have to stick H_E's Hufflepuff banner up soon (probably), so Cedric would fit that "theme".

Anyone have any ideas for pic mods? My sister suggested Intolerable Cruelty, but I didn't find a good pose (like the movie poster) on Yahoo. Romeo and Juliet is more head-shot than anything, and if I just want to mod head-shots, I wouldn't need a background/template. Tristan and Isolde didn't really have any nice pics; the ones that were okay would need extensive modifications.
Tags: layout, profile

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