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Possible H_E communities

Just glancing through the FAQ/Main info of H_E, trying to decide which to join (if any)... so far, these strike my fancy:

I may just join Creevey Elite and that's it (as it looks that the other four are related to each other in one way or another)... We'll see.

QUILLS ELITE [quills_elite]
Pull out those textbooks and find that bottle of ink because it's time for your class assignments. Quills Elite is an essay community that covers your classes here at Hogwarts. The professors will be posting homework assignments based in their lectures posting in Runes Elite. The assignments will be graded, and students will receive owls with their final grade at the end of each term. Best of luck to each of you! The professors will be keeping you quite busy until exams, so don't miss the work. Once you get behind, you'll never catch up! Students are reminded that you are not allowed to compete in more than 1 assignment per group.

PROPHET ELITE [prophet_elite]
The latest issue of the Daily Prophet has just been released! Make sure you catch the latest stories written and images captured by the Prophet Writers. The Daily Prophet is the creative home for a few of Hogwarts Elite's greatest writers. Former first place contest winners are allowed to post here and earn galleons that add to the house totals. Winning a writing or fan art contest are the only way you'll be allowed to earn points in this fashion, so make sure your quills are ready and keep an eye out for the next round of contests at Quibbler and Quills Elite.

CREEVEY ELITE [creevey_elite]
Have you been staring at that blank piece of parchment, unable to gain the inspiration needed to write your latest assignment? Do you need something to take your mind off real life? How about procrastinating by writing a fan fiction for Creevey Elite? This is the section of Hogwarts Elite dedicated to your special writing or artistic talents. Post your very own fan art or fan fiction for everyone to see. There are also ongoing contests here, such as Fan Art Contests, Fictional Writing Challenges and Short Scroll Drabble Contests. Participating and winning will earn your house points, so don't miss out! When posting your original works, please don't forget to follow the system outlined in the Creevey Elite User Info.

QUIBBLER ELITE [quibbler_elite]
We flock to Quibbler Elite for the latest wacky theories and editorials. This site offers a place for our students to submit their own editorials for the entire school to view. Also, the Quibbler Editorial Elite is held here, where our Scroll Editors post an editorial that is open for students to discuss. It is a friendly way to disagree. A few contests are also hosted here, such as an Editorial Writing Contest, the Lost & Found Challenge and the Game Sheet Challenge. Still reading the Daily Prophet? You might just be the only one!

RUNES ELITE [runes_elite]
What is YOUR favourite subject? Do you have a thing for Potions? How about a natural talent at Charms? Or perhaps you are just here for the food? Whatever your style, you will find your fill of it here. The Professors of Hogwarts Elite will be posting their class lectures in this community, so have those quills and parchment ready! Assignments that correspond to the lectures will be posted in Quills Elite. Even if you don’t end up submitting some homework, the lectures might still be of interest to read. But the most important thing is to stay awake!

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