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Pics, Icons, Images Galore

This is my day off from work (I work this weekend *grumble*) and what do I do? I don't relax and watch mindless tv ;) I get inspired to make icons and images...

I know - I'm not an "artist" in the graphics/image-sense, but what the heck? I made two personal images - now located on my user ID lookup - one for H_E and one for HH. Kinda to "tie" me over until HH (which is the newer / growing / upcoming community) gets its own banner. Once it does, I will probably switch to the standard H_E Hufflepuff banner to go side-by-side with HH's banner.

HH has a little icon "challenge" (or is it "homework"?) going on right now. Make an icon for each house without using HP book/movie images. I thought I'd try - just to get my house some points - and here is my entry:

*note to self: Start brainstorming St.Patrick's Day theme fic for HH challenge/contest.

I also made some H_E banners for the sorting procedure. Since smammers is working on one inspired by my intro to the Hufflepuff common room, I tried to come up with a different un-related set. I thought this was cute...

*note to self: Don't forget to add border="1" to img since I didn't give it a border to begin with.

I like how Charlie Brown is indeed wearing the Hufflepuff colors :) "You're a good man, Charlie Brown!" :D And I just had to throw in Lucy's 5c remark ;)

Comments? Thoughts?

--added 2/25/06:

Tags: graphics, harry potter, icons, peanuts, pic, sorting set

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