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*sigh* I am thinking of changing my Adored site to a private site - just for my reference since it is just a compilation of links for Cedric/Cho-related fanfiction and fanart.

I guess I never thought about it -- but some authors have mixed feelings about being listed on such a site. I mainly compiled the site as a reference for myself... I had spent much time searching the net, and after a while, I ended up reading and re-reading the same things, visiting the same sites. So, the site is my "checklist", so to speak. And I thought - well, I already did the "hard" work / spent the hours searching - why not list it publicly so everyone can enjoy? So it can save people time from doing what I did. And it could help spread the Cedric/Cho love.

But I just read - it was a post in a fellow lj user's account from last month, and I finally read it as I was glancing through my "friends" ljs - that this person was a bit... put off, I suppose, by being listed. And this is a person who I don't know personally, but who I admire. Her fics (and those of other writers) help inspired me to write my own. (Don't bother looking at my current friend list to try to figure out who she is, as she is no longer listed because I removed her, and I was never "friend"ed by her either.) So, out of courtesy, I removed her fics from my site too - so I would no longer offend her.

Maybe it's just me... but I thought if someone posts something on the internet, whether be in a public post on one's journal or submitting it to fanfiction.net or deviantART, that the person would want people to read it. That it wouldn't matter if it was linked by another site. That they'd want to share it. I guess I was wrong. *sigh*

Oh, and I don't harbor any ill feelings towards the author. As I said, I respect and admire(d) her. I believe I still do. But I know she doesn't see me as a possible friend, and I'm sorry that I irked her.

On another note, I will start limiting my posts to QC. For a minute, it seemed like I was one of only a few people posting and I don't know - did I seem ostentatious? I didn't mean to. *sigh* So, I will only post if I have another C/C fic ready. It may be a while as I am trying to complete a couple challenges (one that I get to use C/C, and one that I must use H/Hr).

Oh, and if you are an author that would like to be removed from my site, please let me know and I will remove any of your links.
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