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The smell of rain - Life or so it would seem [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The smell of rain [Feb. 28th, 2006|03:32 pm]
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Ah.. I love the smell of rain. Okay, I know - water doesn't have any odor - but rain... it just smells 'clean', like it washes away all the pollution and smoke, and the day gets to start anew. Admittedly, I hate driving in the rain... but when I'm indoors or under the shelter of an umbrella, I like breathing the misty air.

I hope it doesn't rain this weekend. We were hoping to go to San Diego, and I really wanted to fly my kite. I haven't flown a kite in probably twenty years, but I have one (I dug out of my closet) and I just have to put it together. Of course, I could fly it in the rain ;) but that would be silly. My kite has Snoopy on it :D It's plastic / it's cheap. But hey, it's a kite!

If it does rain though, we'll probably go to the library. My sister has become obsessed with the county library (she just recently discovered it, as we had been confined to just the city library for a while). She wants to put the whole library "on hold", but fortunately for them, she can only put 15 items on hold per account. She has read at least 1-2 books per day (and needs new material now), while I'm still on my 2nd book (this is the 2nd week it's been out). Of course, I only read on my work breaks and lunch, but she'll go through the books at home in an hour or so.

I have to remind myself to go to the Barnes and Noble website to buy the Writer's Market. Would you believe that the local B&N doesn't even have it in stock? I am surprised as it is basically the writer's bible. They have books like Writing for Dummies or whatever, but I need the WM or at least the Children's / Juvenile version. Maybe once I have the WM, it will motivate me to finish my second draft (ech...). It's just hard to write right now (since I have the singular-obsession with HP / Cedric and Cho) and besides, the book is "done" in my mind and I've already thought about its sequel. ;) So, I just have to force myself to concentrate on it.