Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

I can't believe it's already March...

Rather than think about the disgusting thing I saw at work today (*me tries to rid the memory* ech!), let me try to remember funny things. Yes, I know it's not nice to laugh at other people... but sometimes, certain people can frankly be... idiots. Sorry, I had to say it. And it's not like they were super nice, had beautiful personalities, and were all-around wonderful people who just happened to say stupid things. No, I'm talking about those people who annoy, who impose themselves onto others, and who just don't "get" it. True, they could be just "lonely" (as I try to find an excuse for them) but sometimes you can just tell that they are playing you - and your generosity - and once you get annoyed with them, they move onto their next victim / target / unsuspecting soul.

So, let me tell the story... it happened in real life. And thinking about it just makes me laugh.

It happened a couple years ago. My sister and I went to Greece (it was a wonderful experience - but that's another long-winded story) and joined a tour group. Now, as you might already know, we're Americans. *grumble* Not that I'm not proud to be an American... but I wish we would just get the METRIC system. (Just get the school system to say "ok, let's start from this year on using the Metric System." and everyone else will eventually get used to it.) It is so much easier. But no, we're stuck with pounds, and miles, and Fahrenheit.

So... we are in Greece with a few other Americans. Our group actually has people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and England -- we all speak English -- and it's a great diverse set of people. Greece, as well as the rest of the world except the USA, uses the metric system. A few times, our tour leader, would tell us the temperature in Celsius, and we (Americans) would try to convert it to Fahrenheit (just out of curiosity - to compare it to how the autumn weather would be back home). We knew the equation was something like 9/5 (or is it 5/9?) + 32... but none of us are human calculators and who really brings a calculator on vacation? So, just for "fun", we try to estimate.

One day, as we are doing this, this woman (she's the one that no one really liked, for the reasons I mentioned above) tells the group...

We don't measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit. We measure in degrees.

And I (and possibly the rest of us) are cringing... and thinking, God, please don't let them think all Americans are like that!

So anytime I think about it, I just burst out laughing. It's my little "laughter is the best medicine" quip.
Tags: humor, quibble, vacation

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