Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Stamp or no stamp

Just cruising around lj - noticed a few other communities - ones that "stamp" you a certain house or character, both HP and non-HP related. Should I try? Do I want to be stamped? It would, of course, just be for fun. Do I want to fill the applications? Do I even like applications? *grumble* Should this be a way to get used to filling applications and overcoming the dread of the application process? Should I challenge myself with more applications? and of course, why am I asking myself these questions? That is why my journal is named 'voices in my head'. :P

I have the rush, the itch to do it... but it's good for me to step back and let it sit. Let it mull over. Let a week pass before I jump in impulsively and say 'yes.'

So, right now, I'm waiting for iateaburgerrrrr to beta-read my fic and am almost done with my next fic after that (both Cedric and Cho-centric). Looking for a beta-reader for my first Harry and Hermione fic. Brainstorming an idea to continue "The Contract" for a few fanfiction fans... although if I do a "sequel"/continuation, it will forever be a WIP (work in progress) as I have no idea how it will end.

I finally bought the books I wanted from B&N's website. Grr.. that was a process of its own. I had like eight $5 giftcards but the website won't let you use more than one per order. Now, that sucks. So, I thought -well, I could go to the store directly and have them order the books for me- but then they told me that I could actually buy a $40 giftcard with my eight $5 cards. So, I did, and used it online. What a waste of time / what an ordeal! First, the store doesn't have it; then the website limits the number of cards; then I go back to the store; and then I go back online. What am I? A yo-yo for their pleasure?! --don't answer that. :P

Oh, and now my sister thinks I should watch The Bourne Identity (I never watched it before)... but I haven't been in the mood to. (I have to be in a certain mood to watch movies. Like am I in a comedy mood? or sci-fi/fantasy? or eye-candy mood?)

So, tonight is NCIS. (and of course, GoF for those of you getting it today.) If I even want to watch the movie, it will have to be Wednesday night.
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