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Cookie Throwing

Has everyone bought the GoF dvd yet? *me hangs my head down in shame* I will be (hopefully) getting it later today after work (shh... I'm at work right now). Thanks to quiet_charm for the squee! regarding the picture (check out this post)... but --and I hate to be the spoil sport-- I don't think Cedric (or Robert, if you prefer) is kissing Cho. *ducks the cookies being thrown* (This is why I am posting my opinion in my journal and not on QC, for fear of being tarred and feathered.) Yes, the picture is so... cute (actually, "cute" is an understatement) but I think he is whispering in her ear - maybe they are sharing an "in-joke". Maybe because I haven't seen the clip yet, I can't tell, but that's what I think. *ducks the gallon of milk*

So... while my mind is saying "he's not kissing her", my heart is sighing with happy squee's and saying "just believe that he is". Of course, it really doesn't matter why he's leaning into her and why she's smiling ;)... it's just a Kodak moment - one to build a shrine to ;) Not that I would. I already have enough of a shrine to the beauty of Cedric and Cho on my user id profile lookup and journal.

Continuing on that train of thought, I've brainstormed another C/C fic (*madly scribbles it in my mind*). I really can't work on fics while I'm at work (unless I'm at lunch), so I'll see if I can work on it when I get home. (As I see it, it will probably have to hold until next week.)

Note to self: email H/Hr fic to sevarem.
Note to self: contact the company re: Palm program *grrrrrr* Why they just can't email me and they require me to call them, I'll never know. (what is the use of a contact email then?)
Note to self: work on flists... now that I know what an flist is ;)

Oh, and I was just thinking about past comments/posts (and thinking how I'd revise my app just to see what my HP secondary house would be, although I'm pretty sure what it would be) - laughing that my Hufflepuff friends scare my Ravenclaw friends with their exuberance. I think it's funny. *HUGS* to all.
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