Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Questions: A Ravenpuff's Bestfriend

Maybe one of you can answer this...

Can you see the aurora borealis from England/Scotland (i.e. from Hogwarts)? It's a theme for a fic (I probably won't write it until much later) but it's a question on my mind.

Another question - more Harry Potter-related - are Aurors allowed to use the unforgivable curses (since they fight Death Eaters who do use those curses)? and if so, does that mean the use of unforgivable curses in extreme circumstances (i.e. Auror-related) doesn't warrant a sentence to Azkaban? and what if someone other than an Auror - say a healer - used the Killing Curse as a form of euthanasia (maybe for a wizard-disease that actually has no cure), or the Imperius Curse to prevent someone from endangering themselves or other people (e.g. to prevent suicide or prevent that person from killing someone else)? Is that even plausible?
Tags: harry potter, questions, unforgivables

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