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Drabbles - Sailor Moon Land - Life or so it would seem [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Drabbles - Sailor Moon Land [Aug. 3rd, 2011|06:23 pm]


Week 1: Cancer
  • a. Crab

  • It took only two seconds for Ami to release the crab into the wild, much to the amusement of her mother and the frustration of her father. Dinner was ruined, but he couldn't do anything except laugh. After all, she was only 5 years old.

  • b. Water

  • Water used to be fun for Ami. To splash, drizzle, spray, it brought giggles and joy to her small world. But when she was 6 years old, that changed. It became warm and comforting, and it reminded her she wasn't alone, especially when her parents divorced.

  • c. Compassion

  • Ami did her best to stay quiet and hidden. The girl with the long black hair and violet eyes was sobbing uncontrollably and Ami didn't know what to do. She heard her mother tell the girl's father that there wasn't much they could do, and she saw all the equipment being carted out of the woman's room. The hospital was usually so noisy, but now it was eerily silent... except for the girl crying. It was that moment that Ami decided she wanted to be a doctor. Maybe then, she could prevent her heart from breaking again.

    Week 5: Yin and Yang
  • a. Union/Divide

  • It took moments for Jupiter and Venus to realize that Mars was just pretending. They didn't want to see Sailor Moon tortured or hurt, but that was her plan to try to get to the Dark Kingdom. And so, they stood and pretended to be divided until they had to intervene.

  • b. Balance/Chaos

  • Galaxia finally realized as she floated in the sky above Tokyo. There was no way to destroy Chaos. For there to be balance in the universe, for good to exist, there needed to be evil. There needed to be Chaos.

  • c. Dead/Alive

  • Sailor Moon never thought about reincarnation. She thought there might be Heaven, and a World of Sweets, but she didn't think about reincarnation. So, she always gave her all. To protect the world, she gave her life. She didn't know life would reward her in kind.

  • d. Honor/Disgrace

  • Sailor Pluto stood, hiding any fact that she was injured or in pain. She just stood, and waited. She wouldn't serve Galaxia; she wouldn't disgrace her duties as a Senshi. She would die in honor, even if it was the hands of a comrade.

    Jade // Inners