Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Happy St. Patty's Day

Not that I'm Irish, but it is St. Patrick's Day here... time to watch people get drunk drinking green beer. ;) (actually, I'd watch the festivities on TV :)

Woah.. I haven't 'updated' my journal in a few days - this must be a record for me. For the past couple days, I've been scrapbooking old pictures. Today, I may continue scrapbooking but as it is my day off, I'll be on and offline writing / revising some fiction (both fanfic and not).

I'm so excited. I got 'cast' as Cho Chang for H_E's RPG. I worked on her 'bio' and 'pics' last night. She is techochang (I giggle at the user name they gave me; no, I didn't choose it myself - it looks like 'techno chang'!) Hopefully, I will get a role in their Marauder RPG too :). The Marauder one seems like more fun since it's a character that basically I create (because she is only mentioned in the HP books for 1-2 sentences and readers don't know much about her to begin with). Speaking of which, if you are an H_E member, they are still looking for players for both RPGs. So, if you like writing, and want to try RPGing, fill out an application! :)

I watched Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve this past weekend. I liked the first better than its sequel. Today, I will probably watch Agent Cody Banks. I watched that sequel last week, and guess what? Arthur Weasley was in it! Well, the actor was.. but it was funny to see him in a 'non-Arthur-Weasley' role. :) I think HP fandom has caught up to me. Before I used to go, 'hey, that guy was on Star Trek! He played 'such and such a role'!' Now, I say, 'hey, that guy was on Harry Potter!' ;) *sigh* I'm such a nut! :)
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