January 12th, 2006

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Well, I've updated the layout once again. Just another pre-set lj template that I like. I may tweak around the colors later (e.g. if I am accepted into Ravenclaw of Hogwarts_elite, I might try the nautical pre-set of yellow/blue and adjust them to darker tones)... we'll see. *sigh* I have to re-learn html codes (you'd think if I started building amateur websites in 1995 that I'd know my stuff by now, but I've been lazy and using html editors and site builders. ah well.). Mainly, I think it's css not html that I have to figure out, because I'd like to put a banner on the top. I have so many ideas for banners, mainly to show my Cho/Cedric love. I might just put a banner up in my user look-up, since that's easier html.

As for my being accepted into Hogwarts_elite, that is just wishful thinking right now. I stumbled upon the community (I don't know which user's page I went through, but I do remember it was from reading their fiction --either Cho/Cedric or Cho- or Cedric-related-- and I thought, "Wow! They are really organized. The members put so much effort into this community." The application to join is looong, and besides the first two questions (name and age), they'd like paragraphs for answers. That's going to take time. There is a note that they don't want applicants with accounts less than a month old, so since I just started, I thought I'd submit my application in mid-February (after sorting_elite's hiatus). That should give me enough time to answer all the questions.

Currently, I am working on (actually, I will be working on it once I submit this post) another CC fic. Hopefully, it'll be shorter than my last, but it will definitely be more light-hearted and fun. I came up with the idea last night, so we'll see how it turns out on paper -er, on the screen. I wish I could find a beta-reader though.

As for my other fics, I am thinking about posting them on other communities (e.g. hms_yuleball -I hope I spelled that right- or the 'minor couplings' one -name escapes me). Not sure when I'll do that. Maybe once I finish my third fic.

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A Hint of Lavender

An entry for A Quiet Charm's kissing/V-day challenge. *sigh* Still haven't found a beta-reader, so hopefully it's okay. :)

Title: A Hint of Lavender
Summary: A love potion brings out a side of Cedric that Cho has never seen before.
Rating: PG-13
Length: another looong one, a little less than 1800 words
Author's Note: is this considered fluffy? :) or would the prompt be "seduction" instead? ;) It is a(nother) story about how Cedric and Cho got together. Not related to any of my other stories.

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