February 9th, 2006

[blinkie] balloons

Here goes...

Finally (*whew*) submitted my application for H_E. We'll see. I worked longer and harder on that than on any of my fics. I hope I get into Ravenclaw. I'll be disappointed if I get squibbed.

Speaking of which, I just joined a new fic community, 30_hugs. (sorry, I'm lazy; check my user id profile for links). Since rilla_ claimed C/C for fanfic100 and iateaburgerrrrr claimed C/C for rec50 (which I'm helping to complete the prompts), I thought I'd try 30_hugs. It gives me themes to try to work with ;). If anyone else wants to write C/C fics, and wants the "structure" of themes, check out 30_hugs user info; they have affiliates like 30_kisses or 30_romances. I'd try all of them, but I don't want to "hog" them all and spread myself too thin. Maybe if I finish the 30 themes for 30_hugs, I'll be able to try another 10 or 30 fics. I'm almost done revising "The Break-up", and am still working on "The Contract" for the lazarus challenge (is it strange that I am working on Part 5 and Part 6 at the same time and that I already have Part 8 done? ;). crushw_eyeliner hasn't told me if she granted the extension on that yet (is she the 'if it doesn't say you can, then you can't' or the 'if it doesn't say you can't, then you can' type?) No one else seems to be working on the challenge (unless autymn is continuing hers?) so maybe it'll just be me.

I'll get to play with DSL on Monday, but now I have to move my computers around and set up the wiring (not too difficult, but I am the "brains" of my family; they wait for me to do all the computer or tech stuff.)