February 15th, 2006

CC is love

Dance a merry jig

Finally - woohoo! - got DSL. How could I have lived without it for so long? Now only if I could write as fast as DSL - just transfer my brainwaves and thoughts and be done ;)

And I am happy that I finished my entry for quiet_charm's lazarus challenge. (I'm happy that I figured out how to use the lj user tags too.) I will post it soon -once on the community and once (again) for my journal to include specific tags since I had been editing my previous posts, which doesn't constitute for "updating" my journal. I think I completed all of the challenges; hopefully, crushw_eyeliner doesn't tempt me with more challenges... as now I have time to "relax" and work on the rest of iateaburgerrrrr's prompts and start my thirty fics for 30_hugs (which only requires one fic per three months, although I will personally try to complete thirty fics/drabbles sooner than ninety months ;) - I probably will try one per week if I'm juiced up, or one per month if I have a brain freeze.) We'll see how that goes.

Oh, and my sister made me laugh. When I was modifying the pics for the Cho/Cedric locket icon (currently displayed), she said the pic of Katie looks like me. Does that mean if I change my resolution, rotate, and shrink myself that I will look like her? LOL... I wish I had cheekbones (mine are hidden by my baby-fat cheeks). I guess this pic of her doesn't show her cheekbones as prominently as other pics (e.g. like the photos taken of her at the premieres). Well, my sister just made my day. LOL :)
CC is love

The Contract

Title: The Contract
Summary: Cedric lives.
Prompt: Lazarus
Rating: PG-13, for hints of sexing. Just hints. Nothing "R" or graphic.
Length: approx 13000 words - divided into 10 parts (Warning: It is longer than my other fics.)
Author's Note: Completely AU, unless it could have happened during the summer between GoF and OotP. Also, taking the liberty of changing last names since they will be 're-born', and taking liberty with school systems.

What would Cho give to bring Cedric back?