February 16th, 2006

[blinkie] balloons


*sigh* If sorting continues to follow the same pattern as the first votes, I will be squibbed from H_E (roughly half squib, the other half divided between ravenclaw and hufflepuff; so squib will get the highest percentage of votes). What threw me was someone thought I was pushing slytherin??? That totally came out of left field; if anything, I thought I was "pushing" ravenclaw. I do want to thank xuvious though for helping me - we must've emailed back and forth several times, and she was helpful to all of my questions. I guess "short and to the point" doesn't work for some members since I tried to stay concise with my answers. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to "beat around the bush" as it were - and since it was such a long and draining application, I didn't want to write a book for each question. ah well... I think in their next revision of the app, they should ask "what question was the hardest for you to answer?" - I probably would've put the Mirror question.

One of my negative traits - being too sensitive - *sigh*... Chin up, don't take it personally. They're just expressing their opinions/votes. Try to think of the bright side! H_E would probably be even more time-consuming than my love for quiet_charm and since I already claimed C/C for 1sentence and 30_hugs, I have already 31-35 fics to write! AGH!!!! What did I get myself into? ;)

I think I need some chocolate... or some ice cream. ;)

I will be pleasantly surprised if the voting turns positive... but now I am "hoping for the best, but expecting the worse".