February 20th, 2006


H_E thoughts

Right now -- even though I've had a full night's sleep to "calm" down -- even though Hufflepuff has a healthy lead on Squib -- I am sorely tempted to withdraw my app from H_E. Tempted, but I won't since Hufflepuffs are who I will probably be most comfortable with as I realize I may be Hufflepuff-at-heart as well. But sorely tempted because of the Squibbing. Sure, I understand most of the reasons (app too short, not enough personality, "cookie-cutter") but the latest reason feels like an attack on my character. "I don't believe you" basically questions my integrity and boldly states that I am a liar.

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CC is love

Funny pic...

My travel friend (aka friend I made when I went travelling, a fellow tourmate from my tour group) emailed this to me...

I thought it was funny (not enough to keep me distracted; I'm still pretty fumed about a certain H_E comment), but here it is:

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