February 22nd, 2006


Excuse me as I rant again...

Disclaimer: I am just using this journal entry to rant. It is not a reflection on anyone else but me - my state of mind at this current time/place.

I have been accepted into H_E. I should be happy. I should be jumping up and down for joy. But I'm not... and it's all due to those negative personality traits of mine (specifically, being TOO damn sensitive). I didn't care about the squib votes, and I was pretty much "over" that specific squib comment - honestly, I was - but then people had to comment to his comment, which then he commented back, and all those comments came to my email and I was forced to read and thus relive all the emo (anger/defensiveness)...

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CC is love

New user id pics!

Since I moved the Yule Ball theme to my journal itself, I had to change the pic from my user id... so this is what I came up with. :) Thoughts?
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