November 14th, 2006

Confusion OTP

*Sigh* for unexpectedness

So, last night / this morning (what would you refer to midnight between Monday and Tuesday?), I trained again for the graveyard shift (second and last training session - any time after will be ON MY OWN). It wasn't bad in the beginning; I was able to take a nap kind of (you know, the semi-conscious state where your mind is active/thinking and you imagine yourself doing things but at the same time you're paralyzed and not moving from your bed -- or is this just me?) during the day on Monday before work and I drank some coffee... so it wasn't too bad like last week.

Then... I get a phone call... *sigh*

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Damn... I'm being overly sensitive... and I'm not sure why...

It could've started with PMS?, the lack of sleep, the phone call (see previous post), and a couple fictional/RP-related changes/discussions and whatnot...


So... I'm signing off now... Not sure if I'll have time to update this week (since I have four late shifts starting Wednesday), though I will check email. We'll see... hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow...