November 27th, 2006

Miranda windblown

day 6 of 6

Sunday wasn't so bad, although the "problem" patient from Wednesday night/Thursday morning came back. We were able to help him faster and push him out the door sooner - though I told one of my assistants that she really didn't have to explain the whole story to me because I already knew. Other than that, nothing really "new" at work. No chess, but I did finish a sudoku puzzle in the Sunday newspaper ;D.

It took me a while, but I managed to upload more userpics... I like some of them because they're funny although who knows when I'll ever use them...? We'll see!

Today is my only day off... so I'm just relaxing, although I ought to get cracking on my book. I've been procrastinating, but I want to finish the draft by the time my best friend visits next month -she's my "editor" so to speak (really critical, logical, and such)- so I can give it to her for her to read. It's been such a long time from the last time she read my last draft that she probably doesn't remember it well and can attack this one as if it were brand new (and not be influenced by already "knowing" the characters and plot). But... I'm still kinda tired from the six day stretch (with those four graveyard shifts - gah!) so... I don't know if I'll attack it today.
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