April 10th, 2007

brain exploding

New Profile and Layout

Yes, I was obsessed... probably because I had been thinking about changing my layout for a few days and threw out some ideas and just decided to go with this. ^_^ Let me know what you think. If the colors on the journal are off, critique away! I was trying to match the header but if you have a suggestion like lighten one, darken another, feel free to comment! There are three basic colors in the profile, and normally I would go with dark font and light background but it didn't really "match" the header.

The lyrics above are from the song "Maybe" by Emma Bunton. Curious? Here are the lyrics and here is the music video (sort of a 1960s trend/set) which means you can "listen" to it without actually downloading it. ^_~ I like the lyrics, but just because I put them in the header with Keiko (Jackie) doesn't mean it's "her" song. I think it fits Mandy more than Jackie, though it's just a "fun" song. If anything, I like the song "You Are" (lyrics here) for future!Jackie (to Gabe). But "Maybe"? Not really Jackie-ish except for up-beat general craziness.