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Well, I was trying to figure out what I would put in for a Cho (or Katie Leung) fanmix, as a Robert-centric mix was introduced to quiet_charm. I'm not the music connoisseur like calledinvain, as my cd collection is under 100, I believe, rather than in the 1000s ;). So... I'm trying to pick songs that I know or that I have, and thinking to decide if I will try to zip them or change them into mp3 files (I don't believe my computer does that right now; I think it only does real player files). Even if I don't, these are the songs I would might choose:

Song titles / artists / character(s) / appropriate lyrics

1. I Don't Need You to (Tell Me I'm Pretty) / Samantha Mumba / Cho
actually, I think the whole song would fit and not a specific line

2. How Do I Feel / Hoku / Cho
with the exception of the first verse - "I was free when we met..." - I think the whole song would fit

3. Pretty Baby / Vanessa Carlton / Cho regarding Cedric
surprise, again, I like the whole song... especially these verses:
I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm for you're the sun that breaks the storm.
And I know things can't last forever but there are lessons that you'll never learn

4. Free / Mya / Cho or Katie
mostly the first verse (though I like the whole song too):
Everybody knows that yeah I'm kinda shy,
And I'm not the kinda girl who could ever approach a guy

5. Emotions / Destiny's Child / Cho
it's emo!Cho that fans love or hate or love to hate, but she's depressed and here are some lyrics:
In the words of the broken heart, it's just emotions that's taken me ever.

I'll have to think more... and possibly come back to edit this list. But as I'm at work right now, I'll leave it as that...

Feel free to add/comment to the list
Tags: characters, fanmix, harry potter, ramble

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