Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

The First Day of Spring

Ok... I tried another 100-word drabble. This time, it had these restrictions:

No more than three (3) adjectives. Unlimited possessive, demonstrative, interrogative and indefinite adjectives are allowed. The use of participles (verbal adjectives) is also allowed. No adverbs of manner (those that tell "how" and generally end in "-ly"), but you may use as many adverbs of time (when), place (where), and degree (extent) as you want.

I wasn't sure if "alongside" was an adverb of manner or an adverb of place, so I replaced it with "with".

Is "outside" considered a noun or an adverb? If it can be replaced with "outdoors", does that mean it's an adverb? But if it's an adverb, it should be on of place and not one of manner...

So, I hope this entry qualifies (qualified)....

I believe my three adjectives are: 1. last, 2. lovely, and 3. first.

I think the words I use to describe are participles (verbs usually ending with "-ing") or maybe even gerunds. I wish I were an English major ;).

*crosses fingers*

Forget the birds and the bees. Forget flowers blooming and the last snow melting into nothingness. Cedric knows it's spring when he doesn't have to wear galoshes outside. When he can dart through the sky like a bolt of lightning. When he can ride the wind with his lovely eagle and revel in the breeze that carries her laughter, chiming like bells.

He swoops down, plucks a daisy from the earth, and offers it to her. Her eyes brighten, sparkling under the sun.

"Shall we?" Her smile answers his question, and they continue flying, enjoying the first day of spring.

Tags: drabble, harry potter: cho/cedric, restrictions

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