Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

7 Spells

With some minor arm-twisting from sevarem (Just Kidding! I actually had been thinking about writing this pair for a while, but I had been postponing them until I finished my Cedric x Cho fics), I joined 7spells to write for the rare pairing of Draco Malfoy and Cho Chang. I believe, lemonslices has already claimed Cedric and Cho (yay!) so I will try my hand at a fanon pair. Relaxed, no pressure, no deadline (except for the one I put in my mind). The table (with prompts that are subject to change):

7spells HP Fanfiction Challenge
Author: jadeites_lady
Character/Pairing: Draco/Cho
1. sleepwalk
2. anachronism
3. the ballroom at midnight
4. if you wanted honesty
5. tomorrow is something we remember
6. as near as snow
7. the sea
Progress: 3/7
Tags: 7spells, harry potter: draco/cho, prompt, table

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