Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

I drive myself crazy...

Anyone up for beta reading a chapter of my next (long) CC fic? I don't want to push iateaburgerrrrr to do it (yet) -besides, she's currently beta-ing a shorter CC ficlet, unless she's willing / got more free time... but it's just 'part one' (the first chapter) and thus, a 'work-in-progress'.

It's a WIP because I'm actually working on my next DC fic simultaneously, and I've got to go back and keep plugging in on my HE secondary house app (which is currently sitting on the lj backburner) which seems more difficult than the original sorting app. (No, sevarem, I haven't 'burnt out' yet - I'm on a slow simmer.)

Oh, and I'm basically done with HH's Ravenclaw group pic... does anyone want to see? ;) It's 'finished' unless the four remaining members actually give me something to work with (currently, I have them in a separate completely made-up pic). I can, of course, hold you all in suspense until next weekend which is their deadline. ;) but then again, I'd like feedback. so... decisions: surprise with no feedback -or- no surprise with feedback? hmm...
Tags: beta reader

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