Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Now, I know you think I must be faking. I promised all these things right from the start.

I was planning on waiting to release this fic when I had more to offer (more fics, I mean), like giving you a box of chocolates and not just one piece... but the other fics I'm working on are more than one-shot ficlets. I have the CC AU one (which will probably end up being a work of ten chapters, like The Contract), I have another CC one in mind (another plot that may end up being 4-6 chapters long - each chapter being a 30_hugs prompt), and I have the DC one (where all the ficlets are linked). So... since I just piled my plate sky high, my brain storm has withered to a sprinkle and I'm not sure when I'll write my next one-shots.

So, here... have a piece of chocolate/fluff. :)

Title: The Price of Fame
Pairing: Cedric and Cho
Summary: The story takes place during Goblet of Fire. Enjoy!

Cedric didn't know what he was getting himself into...
Tags: fic, harry potter: cho/cedric

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