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Fate's Strings Part 2

Title: Fate's Strings, Part 2
Theme: #17 - orange; color
A/N: I know in canon, Roger and Marietta were not seen as an 'item', but we really don't know if they had any type of relationship since they were even more sub-character-ish than Cedric and Cho. Just go along with it. ;) :) Also, I don't remember if Roger was a prefect, so I just made him one.


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The next day, Hannah Abbott surprised Cho by coming up to her and stopping her in the middle of the corridor. "Here you go!"

Cho blinked at the parchment thrust in front of her face. Not forgetting her manners, she smiled. "Hey, Hannah!"

"Come on. The meeting's going to start soon." Hannah tugged on her arm. The surprised look never vanished from Cho's face.

"What meeting? Where are we going?" Cho tried to look at the flyer and at Hannah and at her steps. Sundays with Seekers blazed in bold letters at the top. She tried to scan the rest of the paper before she bumped into Hannah who had stopped abruptly.

"Here we are!" Hannah announced in a sing-song voice. Cho looked around the corridor, then back at the class. It was the Muggle Studies classroom, naturally sans the books and the professor, but it was full of various students from all houses. Well, except for Slytherin, which could be expected as they hardly ever fraternized with the other three houses. Orange streamers decorated the walls and tables in a bright frenzy, and some were tied into floppy bows on the backs of chairs.

A tall, good-looking boy stepped away from the crowd, and walked up to her with a big grin on his face. Cho blinked. Cedric... yeah, she reassured herself of his name. The Hufflepuff quidditch captain. She recognized him from the school bulletin.

"Hey!" His tone was warm and hugged her like an old friend. Cho immediately felt at ease. "I'm glad you could come."

She nodded dumbly, and glanced back down at the flyer. "Sundays with Seekers?"

"Yeah." He grin never slipped. "I thought it would be a great inter-house unity club."

"Inter-house unity?" Cho echoed. Her face broke into a lovely smile. "That's a wonderful idea."

"So, you'll join?" He looked hopeful, and Cho found herself nodding again. Relief washed over his face, and his gray eyes sparkled. Gray? Cho blinked again. She couldn't remember noticing anyone having eyes the color of silver before. And his eyes... they were... unique.

"Great!" He exclaimed, and then looked a bit sheepish as he added a huddled whisper. "I was hoping you would, seeing as it would only be me if no one else joined - and then, 'Sundays with Seekers' would lose its appeal."

She laughed. "Where are the other two seekers?"

"Well, I didn't get a chance to ask Harry yet." He swallowed. "And Draco? Well... he said he couldn't be bothered."

"That's sad."

"But not completely unexpected."

She nodded again and read through the flyer. "What exactly are we going to do in 'Sundays with Seekers'?"

"Basically, talk. About quidditch, naturally, but it's not limited to just quidditch. Basically, get to know each other." He grinned again. "And eat junk food."

He waved at the table behind him. It was full of crisps and cookies, and punch. "The club is open to anyone from any house, and I just came up with the name because... well... I'm a seeker, and it's Sunday... and I thought you'd be more willing to join than say Roger."

At the mention of his name, Cho blanched. Cedric must have noticed because he creased an eyebrow. Cho, for her part though, quickly recovered with a small smile. "Yeah... Roger is pretty busy. With studying for OWLs, and being made Captain and Prefect..."

Her voice faltered when she realized Cedric was in the exact same position as Roger. She swallowed her embarrassment and continued. "Anyways... 'Sundays with Seekers' sounds much better than 'Sundays with Captains' or 'Sundays with Prefects'."

Cedric chuckled. "I think the latter two would drive everyone away."

She laughed at that, her eyes catching a flick of robes as it passed the entrance. "I think I just saw Harry."

She peeked her head out the door and grinned back at Cedric. "Yup. It's him. I'll go ask him."

She ran out the door with Cedric at her heels. "Harry!"

Harry paused in his steps, stunned. Ron Weasley was right beside him, nudging Harry forward. Cho smiled. "Hey! Cedric's forming a club, 'Sundays with Seekers', and it's opened for everyone to join. Would you like to be a part of it?"

"Um.. teapot.. eliptical dragon."

"Huh?" Cho was confused. Ron gave Harry a funny look, and pulled him back by his robes.

"Sorry." Ron apologized. "He's... he's just got a lot on his mind."

Cho blinked. Harry kept staring at her, his mouth slightly agape, even as Ron grabbed his shoulder and pivoted him around. Ron grimaced and pushed Harry off in the other direction. He waved at Cho. "We'll see you later!"

Cho scrunched her eyebrows as they disappeared from sight. She turned to Cedric, who came up next to her. "What was that about?"

"You don't know?" Cedric asked. When Cho shook her head, Cedric smiled. "Well... it looks like it's just you and me."

Cho felt herself nodding automatically as he steered her back into the room. 'Sundays with Seekers' was a good idea, even if Harry and Draco didn't want to be a part of it. But she wondered what gave Cedric the idea. Maybe later, she'd ask him.


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