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Fate's Strings part 5

Title: Fate's Strings, Part 5
Theme: #16 - think of me and I'll be there

Index: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


"Did you hear? Sundays with Seekers has been dissolved." The whispers of gossip filled the corridors early Saturday morning, burning Cho's ears as she made her way to the gates.

"He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable." Although the 'he' and the 'she' hadn't been specified, Cho knew who they were talking about. The looks they passed at her as she walked were painfully obvious.

"For a Ravenclaw, she's not particularly bright, is she?" Cho clutched the book she had been holding tightly to her chest. "Did she realize he ran everyday from his classes just to walk her to her classes?"

Cho paused. He never told her... and she never suspected. Why would he do such a thing? I don't care if it's one-sided... She closed her eyes as his words echoed in her heart, and tried to think. Cedric's smile... his laugh... his wild gestures in the clubroom and exaggerated expressions... No! She tried to think of Roger... didn't she love him? Why didn't she see Roger's face? She only thought of Cedric as a friend, right?

She fingered the spine of the book. Quidditch: Through an Eagle's Eyes looked back at her. The silver lettering glinted under the sunlight, just like Cedric's eyes when he laughed. She found herself smiling, remember his crazy antics when they flew over the quidditch pitch. For someone as tall as he was, he didn't look bulky or intimidating on the field. His eyes always lit when he saw her, when he smiled, even if they were just studying in the library or walking to the Great Hall. And he was always there when she needed to talk about anything and everything... just like she was there when he needed her...

She blinked in surprise, as a flutter filled her heart and a smile crossed her face. She took off running. With the wind hugging her steps, she rushed to find him in Hogsmeade. He would be there, she knew instinctively; her best guess: Honeydukes, since he had a fondness for Ice Mice. And... there he was. Cedric Diggory. Her smile widened.

Cho raised her hand, about to call his name, when she stopped. The words froze inside her mouth. He was exiting Honeydukes, holding the door open for... Marietta Edgecombe. Cho felt a cold breeze hit her square in the face, and deja vu play chopsticks on her nerves. But following Marietta, Roger emerged. He waved thanks to Cedric and taking Marietta's hand, they walked away.

Cho stood there, dazed, her mouth slightly agape. She quickly closed it though, when Cedric spotted her and smiled. Her knees trembled, and she offered a weak smile in return. His words were warm and she felt a tingle on her skin. "Hey..."

He handed her a book, his smile growing. "I bought this is for you."

She took it, wrenching her eyes from his face and read the title. Quidditch: Tried and True Principles. She blinked, hesitantly opening the cover to find... Love, Cedric inscribed. Color returned to her face and she smiled at him.

"I... want to give this to you." She shyly handed him the book she had been carrying. When he spotted the title, he beamed. He took her hand in his, entwined his fingers with hers, and she didn't pull away. She didn't run. Instead, she walked with him, watching his smile grow wider. Hers did as well. After all, it was fated to happen.

The End.

Tags: 30hugs, fic, harry potter: cho/cedric

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