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When winter comes in summer, when there's no more forever... - Life or so it would seem [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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When winter comes in summer, when there's no more forever... [Apr. 15th, 2006|09:25 am]
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I watched Goblet of Fire yesterday (yes, I know... weeks after it was released on dvd, but I didn't buy it on its release date *me hangs my head down in shame*) and...

Waaaah! (well.. not exactly) but I did feel more sad about Cedric's death (and props/kudos to Dan's acting!) and I caught a few things I didn't notice the first time I saw it.

They (that is, the director/producer/screenwriter/editor/behind-the-scenes people) totally brushed over the meaning of the second task. They didn't even quote the taking what 'you'll sorely miss' part... just that they were taking something from each champion (and all Dumbledore said was that it was a 'treasure', but no emo-linking there). *SIGH* Most everyone is now going to think 'what the h*ll is Cho crying about?' during OotP. Even in GoF, some people who didn't read the books wondered why they panned over to Cho after Cedric's body was brought back, and why was she crying. (All these non-readers just saw them go to the Yule Ball together and five seconds of her splashing in water.) ACH!

I suppose this is perfect fuel to go back and write my bittersweet fic. Add the gloomy overcast weather I have outside. Depressing... *sigh*. I wanna go back to sleep and dream / brainstorm new happier fics! ;P

[User Picture]From: smammers
2006-04-17 03:53 am (UTC)
Oh, man! I never noticed that... I suppose because it's so deeply ingrained in my brain now that I just know it, and so assume it's in the movie and that everyone else knows it, too. I think that's why it took me so long to notice the things they left out of the PoA movie, too.
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[User Picture]From: jadeites_lady
2006-04-17 04:06 am (UTC)
And I just noticed it. I only watched GoF once in the theaters (I wanted to watch it a second time but never got around to it) and so, when I watched the dvd, I paid more attention and I was trying to hear/listen to what the Golden Egg said. And it didn't even quote the exact phrase!!!! It said something to the effect that 'come find us, we've taken something from you' and then the next scene with the second task, Dumbledore said 'each champion had something taken from them last night, a treasure, that was placed at the bottom of the sea' (or something like that). And I was like "NOOOOO!" oh, no! they didn't! AGH!
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