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ACH! Too many 'ships! What I find interesting is all the fanon pairings for the Harry Potter series... (and I am only going with the trio generation here, not the marauder and not student/teacher ships).

The ship list, care of FictionAlley. (Fans came up with the names; I'm not sure if they're actually 'set in stone' as it were - except for 'The Good Ship' - Ron/Hermione; 'Pumpkin Pie' and 'Harmony' - Harry/Hermione. I think 'Orange Crush' - Harry/Ginny - and 'Fire and Ice' - Draco/Ginny are the set names for those ships too (as I've seen them floating around on other sites).

My Cedric/Cho ship is called (unofficially): H.M.S. Remembered and Remaining. The thread looks like it's still alive (though not quite as active).

I'm pretty surprised there is still a Harry/Cho ship floating (or as they say, JKR hasn't sunk it yet - it's on dry-dock). The H.M.S. Celebrity - The Stag and the Swan - thread is actually current (compared to other threads that stopped in 2002/2003). And it actually is quite mature. (by 'mature', I mean no 'Cho hate' type of flames or 'I luv Harry; he's mine' fangirl-ish squeals.) Here's a short vignette, What Might Have Been, by Mantis; a 'I wish JKR had written this in OoTP instead of how she ended the Harry/Cho relationship'-type of story. Hmm... am I being converted this ship? *me ducks the cookies thrown by sevarem*. I think the H/C fanlisting doesn't call the ship 'Celebrity', but instead 'Seeker Love'(?).

And as an advocate of the 'Cho needs some post-Cedric love' kick, listed on the Fiction Alley master list are (and I'm only listing 'het not slash or femslash):

Ron/Cho - where did this come from??? I think it was a 'Harry has everything, so why can't Ron get the girl this time' type of ship.

Roger/Cho - this one is more reasonable, although I don't really remember Roger's character too well. Some sites list him as a genuine nice guy (much like Cedric) but others say he's a player (dates around).

Viktor/Cho - this would be interesting, seeing that Hermione and Harry have broken up with them, respectively.

Charlie/Cho, Fred/Cho, George/Cho, Percy/Cho - I think I hear sevarem snickering at these. :) and I think Fred/Angelina and Percy/Penelope are better as the pairs seem more suited to each other.

Seamus/Cho - I find myself muffling my own laughter at this.

Oliver/Cho - well, I am partial to Sean Biggerstaff (first HP movie 'crush', who is much cuter than the actor who portrayed Roger), but Oliver is quidditch-obsessed and though some people think Cho can be, I don't actively think her as a rabid fan/player.

Draco/Cho - this would have more interesting dynamics than Oliver/Cho.

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