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The Contract

For the Lazarus Challenge...

Title: The Contract
Summary: Cedric lives.
Rating: PG-13
Length: another looong one
Author's Note: Completely AU, unless it could have happened during the summer between GoF and OotP. Also, taking the liberty of changing last names since they will be 're-born', and taking liberty with school systems.

It is a powerful binding magical contract, one that cannot be broken once entered, for the consequences of breaking such a contract would be her very existence, her very life. That was why no one told her the spell existed, and why she told no one herself when she found it while researching in the library.

Hogwarts was deserted, most students gone as the school entered its summer holidays. The train schedule was more infrequent now, but Cho had arranged to take the very last one. Headmaster Dumbledore seemed to understand, and gave his approval, and her parents had obliged after much argument. She told them she had a few things to wrap up, and they reluctantly gave her the space and time she needed.

Cedric had died and that was that. No explanations. They said nothing could bring him back, that "avada kedavra" was the final utmost unforgivable curse. She refuses to believe them, and glues herself to the library in search of a solution.

And she finds one. This would be it. And it is a contract in every sense of the word. Stipulations, exemptions, conditions. But she is a Ravenclaw, and detailed explanations do not frighten her.

He would be reborn. In the muggle world. With no memories of his parents or his life or of her.

In exchange, she would give up all her magical powers. Become a squib if she is fortunate. If not, she would lose her memories as well. And right now, she desperately wishes to keep her memories as those are all that she has left.

And her memories belong to her, and to her alone. She cannot share them with him or with anyone. If he begins to remember the past, if the memory charm breaks, then the contract will dissolve and he will... disappear again.

She takes a deep breath and draws her quill across a parchment. She knows what she needs to do and writes a letter to her parents. They were - they are - in love. They should know how she feels. They should understand. But as tears start to blur the ink, she knows they will be angry with her. I'm sorry, Mum, Dad.

She signs her letter and seals it. The book of incantations beckons her, and she draws up a new scroll. She recites the spell clearly, pronouncing every word as she should, and starts to feel a haze. Be confident, she reminds herself, and believe.


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Tags: challenge, fic, harry potter: cho/cedric, prompt: lazarus

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