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((anndee123, smammers can you figure out which NSync song that's from? ^_~))

Harry Potter Ship Meme (yanked from smammers)

"One True Pairing" Ship: Cedric/Cho
"One True Threesome" Ship: I would've said Cedric/Cho/Harry if Cedric were alive and Cho would have conflicting emotions between the two... but I'll say Cho/Harry/Ginny because that would've been cool had it survived.
"Canon" Ship: Cedric/Cho
"Not Quite Canon But Should Be" Ship: Neville/Ginny (hey, I liked their "one" date! It should've continued!)

"If This Happens I'll Stab My Eyes Out With A Spork" Ship: Dumbledore/Snape
"You Are One Sick Bastard" Ship: Harry/Snape (geez.. just because Snape needs love doesn't mean it has to be with Harry!)
"I'm One Sick Bastard" Ship: hmm... got nothing here.
"I Dabble A Little" Ship: Harry/Cho
"It's Like A Car Crash" Ship: Cho/Draco
"Tickles My Fancy But Not Sold Quite Yet" Ship: Harry/Luna
"Makes No Canon Sense But Why The Hell Not" Ship: Cho/George (this would crack me up!)
"Everyone Else Loves It But I Just Don't Feel It" Ship: Lily/Snape

"When All Is Said And Done" Ship: And we go back to Cedric/Cho
"Guilty Pleasure" ship: Cho/Draco
"I Can't Believe I Read It And Liked It" Ship: Ginny/Cho
"Favorite Older/Younger" Ship: I haven't read any yet.
"My First -- I Could Never Abandon You" Ship: Cedric/Cho
Favorite Devotionship: Cedric/Cho
Favorite Nevermetship: Oliver/Cho (yeah yeah, technically he knew of her in PoA, but who's to say they actually conversed?)
Favorite Pervyship: Haven't started sailing those ships...
Favorite DominanceBattleShip: Those boats keep passing me by...

Tags: harry potter: cho/cedric, meme

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