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Another Meme

Well, that makes 3 memes just for today!

I was tagged by ladybluestar

Explain your LiveJournal name and its meaning. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name.

I think I've actually mentioned this before... although maybe not in my lj, but as a comment to a question someone else asked me...

I was am a fan of the Japanese Anime, Sailor Moon. This grew from my desire to see strong female characters / heroines, in a male-dominated society (which I won't go into as that'll just be another rant). Back to my story... I think it was around 1995 - yes, more than 10 years ago - when I discovered Sailor Moon, and as it was my first taste into anime, it also became my favorite. Personality-wise, I've always imagined myself as a cross between Moon, Mercury, and Mars; my favorite drifting between Mercury and Mars. Well, Mars was the only 'Asian' looking character, so I started using the handle 'senshi mars' (because by then, there were many 'sailor mars' users). 'Senshi' refers to soldier or guardian, and the long Japanese name of the series (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon; or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon). Because I like romance too, I wanted the senshi to have love-interests (as Sailor Moon was the star of the series and had a boyfriend while the rest didn't). Although Mars liked Yuuichiro in the anime series, I'm a sucker for 'what might have been'; and I fell for the manga version of the series - which portrayed the villians (the Shitennou / Four Heavenly Kings) as Tuxedo Mask's protectors in their previous life. To make a long story short, Mars was linked with Jadeite, one of the Shitennou. When 'senshi mars' was no longer available on certain sites, I switched to 'jadeite's lady' (in versions of jadeites_lady, jadeiteslady, and jadeites-lady depending on the service/site's restrictions).

jadeites_lady = 12 letters. *sigh* I really don't think I have that many friends, but I'll try and tag: anndee123, calledinvain(or if you wish, crushw_eyeliner), cheshire23, xuvious, iateaburgerrrrr, mari4212, willowcabin, rindiggfelt, sevarem, smammers, traceria, unagieater

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