Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

One Sentence

Fandom: Real People
Pairing: Robert Pattinson x Katie Leung
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional, and not at all in chronological order.

Theme set: Alpha

#01 - Comfort
When he introduces himself, she finds comfort in his words and his manner, and her nervousness disappears.

#02 - Kiss
His lips are warm and soft, and her heart flutters at the thought of getting their chemistry "just right".

#03 - Soft
His thumb rubs the back of her hand as they dance, relishing in the softness of her skin.

#04 - Pain
The maze gives him many scratches and bruises, but he forgets the pain when he sees her watching him.

#05 - Potatoes
He laughs when she complains that her mannequin looks like a sack of potatoes.

#06 - Rain
On one day, filming is scrapped due to rain, but that doesn't stop them from splashing in the puddles.

#07 - Chocolate
She hands him a mug of hot chocolate after the lake scene, and he thinks she's just as sweet.

#08 - Happiness
Her grin is contagious when she finds out she has the role in the next movie, and he can't help smiling even though he won't be in it.

#09 - Telephone
Her Scottish accent sends flutters through his body when they rehearse on the telephone.

#10 - Ears
She gently flicks his ears, surprising him as he's reading in the rec room.

#11 - Name
He calls her "Kat" when it's just the two of them, and she knows it's his way of saying they are more than just co-stars.

#12 - Sensual
When she whispers an in-joke, her breath on his ear gently stirs a warming sensation below.

#13 - Death
She wastes two bucketfuls of tears for his death scene when the director isn't filming her.

#14 - Sex
She stares at the ceiling in a daze as he nips at her shoulder afterward, wondering why she waited so long to experience this.

#15 - Touch
He draws in a sharp breath as her hand drifts below his chest.

#16 - Weakness
He asks her if beauty can be a weakness, because he wants to be seen as an 'actor' and not as 'eye candy', and is surprised when she answers 'yes'.

#17 - Tears
On the very last day of shooting, he cradles her in his arms and strokes her back as she cries.

#18 - Speed
When they walk on their breaks, he slows his long stride to match hers, making his glances at her profile seem more natural.

#19 - Wind
He whistles at her beauty as she films a rare -that will be deleted- scene where she is alone in the courtyard, and the wind plays with her hair and scarf.

#20 - Freedom
She admires the freedom he has as a young man who loves what he does, and does what he likes, and has no commitments to tie him down.

#21 - Life
She thinks he's full of contradictions, when he first says life is too short not to have fun and then he says he has his whole life ahead of him to find someone someday.

#22 - Jealousy
A muscle in his jaw twitches when he watches her film a scene with the main star.

#23 - Hands
He holds her hand in his and they stand in the background, hoping the director will have the sense to put it in the film since they are supposed to be a couple.

#24 - Taste
She used to think coffee was bitter and harsh, until she licked the espresso off his lips.

#25 - Devotion
He admires her devotion to her friends and wonders if she will still be his when it's all over.

#26 - Forever
She believes in "forever" because it hurts her to think of love as anything less.

#27 - Blood
He laughs when she gives him a Harry Potter band-aid for his scrapes and cuts.

#28 - Sickness
He is surprised when she shows up at his apartment, carrying a pot of chicken soup, for his head cold.

#29 - Melody
When they practice the waltz, she hums the melody and he tries not to step on her toes.

#30 - Star
He actually blushes when she comments on his interview, saying he's the next biggest star - the next Jude Law.

#31 - Home
He waves a little Scotland flag, making her smile, when she feels homesick for Motherwell.

#32 - Confusion
She's confused when he flirts wildly with her on some days and acts buddy buddy with her on other days.

#33 - Fear
He's scared to admit that she knows him better than anyone else, and cares about him despite the fact.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
She laughs when he uses her supposed fear of thunder as an excuse to cling to her arm.

#35 - Bonds
During the acting workshop, they bond over the simple fact that they are the "new" kids in the movie, and even though they don't have many mutual interests, her openness and his carefree attitude make them fast friends.

#36 - Market
Even though he hates shopping, he tags along just to see her beam at the bargains she finds.

#37 - Technology
Loud music blasts in her ears when he loans her his iPod and convinces her to explore his tastes.

#38 - Gift
She laughs when he gives her a key-chain with a bottle-cap opener for her eighteenth birthday.

#39 - Smile
When she smiles at him, he feels as if she's the only one there on the dance floor.

#40 - Innocence
He finds himself wishing that he saved his first kiss when she tells him she never has had hers.

#41 - Completion
When it's over, she is happy with the experience she gained - making movies and learning about teenage boys and their hormones.

#42 - Clouds
On the plane to Tokyo, she stares at the clouds and imagines how they melt away like her dreams of him.

#43 - Sky
The sky was just "blue" to him until he saw through her eyes the endless possibilities.

#44 - Heaven
For a few moments when he watches her sleep, he wonders if this is what heaven feels like.

#45 - Hell
In the end, he tries to convince himself that he got what he wanted -another notch on his bedpost- but her smiles haunt him and makes it difficult to forget.

#46 - Sun
She compares him to the sun - not because he's "hot" as he puts it - but because anyone who gets close to him could get burned.

#47 - Moon
He tells her she is like the moon, because she's a romantic at heart, and she tells him that he secretly is one too.

#48 - Waves
With his tousled hair and smirk, he waves to his fans, reserving his smile for her when she approaches.

#49 - Hair
When she asks him if he likes her hair up or down, straight or in curls, he tells her he likes it down and fanned across his pillow.

#50 - Supernova
The burst of camera lights takes them by surprise, and he wraps his arm around her waist just to hold on to the reality.

Tags: fic, harry potter: cho/cedric, katie leung, robert pattinson

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