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Tell me, tell me, baby...

Had a spark of the writing muse today, and wrote / had it beta-ed (wow, within the same day - THANK YOU, mari4212 - I hope you're not regretting being my beta-reader - showers you with ducks and/or cookies and/or chocolate and/or ice cream) / and finished editing my next installment in my 7spells Draco/Cho fics.

Just for you - sevarem ^_~ - since you want more. ^_~

Title: A Lingering Memory
Pairing: Cho Chang x Draco Malfoy
Rating: PG
Length: I have no idea... I didn't write this on Word; I wrote it straight to lj. I usually base my word-count on when I submit it to ff.net and it tells me how many words it is. But as a ficlet, it can't be more than 1000 words, I think. Just chapter 3 in their story. (Tempted to say 'their saga' but I don't think I write 'saga's... do I?)

the ballroom at midnight...


In other news, I'm happy that I figured out - and it's working - how to reply to lj directly from email. I'm happy because certain computers at work do not let me access lj, because it is a 'personal site', although I can usually find a way around it. But this only lets me reply to comments left in my lj or that were left in reply to my own comments. I can't write new entries straight from email. That, I'd have to figure out later - if it's even possible.

And I'm wondering if my yahoo account can email those of you who have hotmail... because it seems like a few of you, I can't - unless it goes straight to junk or bulk mail which you don't sift through (totally understandable because I rarely sift through that as well; I usually just hit 'trash' and/or 'delete'). Anyone have that problem? *sigh* oh well.

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