Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

But it's sad, I know I gotta draw the line...

((By the way, the subject line is yet another song lyric ^_~ and has really nothing to do with this post.))

I'm really trying to post, but I can't think of much to say. If ladybluestar extends the homework deadline, I'll make sure to answer it -- I was going to but then I got swamped and then I forgot and well, now it's past the due date. *sigh* So, we'll see. It really is a HARD question though!

In HH, the end of the term is drawing near. I'm pretty sure we'll (RAVENCLAWS) get the cup unless that author (I'm sorry, I totally am drawing a blank on her name) actually posts links for her over 30 (possibly over 40) chapter fic and they reap in the points that way. So, if we do win, that'll be so cool! ^_^

In HE, I am totally confused about 4HU. Do we have to join 4HU's sorting comm to get our secondary house for HE? Or is there a different place we submit our apps for secondary house? I'm not afraid to ask, but I haven't yet because when I did the last time, Noah (the headmaster) did not respond (probably because he hadn't ironed all the details out yet). Besides, it's the beginning of the new term and I think everything looks a bit hectic there. I'm almost done with the app, but it feels as if it's drawing answers from a more personal place for me that I'm not sure I want to air it in "public" (even though this is online with some anonymity). It must be all that 'self-reflection' type questions.

I think I will be finishing the Draco/Cho fic(lets) before I return to the sequel to The Contract. (Just an FYI for any of my friends/fans who read my stuff.)

Yes, sevarem, I'm sorry I didn't email you yet but I'm kinda brainstorming our H/C stuff, ok? ;) I'll be sure to email you a long brainstorm soon. :) Though my brain is preoccupied with D/C as well as my RPG stuff. And I thought you wanted me to finish D/C anyways. ;)

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