Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

You drive me crazy, why are you messing with my mind?

New sorting apps AND homework???????


Okay, sorting done. Will get to homework next. Hopefully during the weekend as my next week's work schedule is totally (well, not totally) different. I have to work the holiday (Monday, Memorial Day), and three of the rest of the four weekdays I am working off-site at another facility that just opened last Monday, so my supervisor 'loaned' me out (as if I were a book) to the other supervisor to help her.

It's okay, really. I don't mind. Kinda is nice to get away from the main hospital, especially since we implemented the new computer program and a few of my co-workers get on my nerves. Perhaps, it's PMS or something... but wouldn't you get irritated if you only had 4 hours of new computer program training and the gal next to you (who's had maybe 8 or more?) keeps asking you questions and you help her do her work and then she goes to take an hour long breakfast so you keep doing her work and when she comes back she doesn't even help you as you start to help someone else with their work (cuz she figures it's not her work)? (Sorry, anndee123, for the long run-on sentence.) BTW, this is the same girl who'll take a two hour break to go to AAA (Automobile Association of America) or the post office while leaving you with her pile of work. Can she just RETIRE so we can hire someone else?!!!! 'Course if I made her salary by doing close to nothing, I probably wouldn't retire either!

Oops... did I just rant? ah well.

Back to homework...

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