Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Race through your veins...

Yay! A weekend off! ^_~

I'm so happy that mari4212 actually tried to dabble in Cedric/Cho and came up with this little ficlet. Yay! It really is sweet!

As for me, I'm working on the next ficlet for my Draco/Cho series of prompts. I think I will finish those before going back to The Clause, as I hate starting things without finishing them. I still have a smut!fic (*gasp* yes, I'm actually going to try to write my first het fic, which will probably be totally weird as I've never written past PG-13 before) for a challenge, but that's not due until August; I think it will be totally AU - Slyth!Harry perhaps with Cho. Not sure... as I have a few options.

Right now, I am working on my first lesson plan for arithharmony (the Arithmancy Class for hogwartsharmony). Does anyone know if Ron or Hermione have middle names, or specific birthdays/birthdates? I believe, Harry is "Harry James Potter", correct?

I'm also thinking of creating a banner for our den, sevarem, smammers, for the contest, but we'll see if I get a spark of inspiration. :D

Too many things to do... and I still have homework for mtfmpharmony (the hardest class, I think, there is!) to do.

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