Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Too many pots...

What is that saying - something like putting your hand into too many pots? Anyways, that's what I'm doing (again). I'm in the middle of writing a C/C fic for Quiet Charm's lazarus challenge (which will be much longer than the kissing fic I wrote - so I'm not sure if I should divide it into chapters or something - and it will be tragic too *sigh* - at least autymn's fic can have a happy ending ;) whereas mine - I hope it won't be too depressing), I'm in the middle of finishing a Robert / Katie drabble/fic for 1sentence (I claimed R/K since iateaburgerrrrr (I think it was her) claimed C/C) which is actually kinda challenging in that there are themes and you can only write one sentence per theme, and I'm in the middle of a non-fic piece - my application for hogwarts_elite... and now I'm starting a whole new C/C fic prompted by iateaburgerrrrr (again, I think it was her)'s table of prompts for "break-up".

Am I crazy or what? on second thought, don't answer that. Ignorance is bliss. :)
Tags: ramble, writing

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