Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Notes to myself

Just my list of things to do (in case I forget when I get home):

1. Work on Astrology lesson plan #1 and email it to Georgia
2. Work on Arithmancy lesson plan #3 and tally homework for plan #2
3. Update webrings
4. Join Yahoo!group
5. Email Saturn
6. Read Jen's RPG info and possibly apply
7. Email Sevarem about her RPG? I don't think she gave me a link.
8. Email Molly's RPGer, debating whether or not Dorcas' home should be near the Burrow (since the Diggorys also live around the area)... or should I just stick to London? hmm... I actually emailed Sarah instead, since she's mod and asked her...
9. Possibly create sigtag for Alison of Boyd (just for fun)
10. Work on list of TG 'gossip' and consult Jen for next IC week.
11. Slightly modify journal -- as I've decided to upgrade to sponsored+ and need to tweak it. (Am waiting for Jena's magic to help me with coding).
12. Possibly go icon/userpic searching as now I have more space to upload pics.

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