Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Dribbles of Life

Not much to say here... I'm still working on my list (previous post) mainly on the Astrology stuff.

mari4212 - did you get my email? No rush, I just wanted to know if it went through (sometimes yahoo acts up, and normal accounts don't receive emails I send from there).

sevarem - poke your head in when you return from vacation, okay? :)

Lessee... anything interesting? I finally got to see The Corpse Bride yesterday (on DVD), which was actually a nice movie. I don't know -- I seem to be in a tragic love mood or something -- because I've also watched the last part of the Angel series (and I heart the Wesley / Fred (Ilyria) plot) and I've started to watch Rayearth II again just for the Hikaru / Lantus subplot. *sigh*

We may possibly see Superman Returns this coming weekend, and/or go to San Diego (fly kites again, perhaps). Not sure. This week I don't work the weekend (yay!) which means it's a full work week for me (boo!), although I don't mind it too much. Not sure how work is going to turn out -- rumors of rescheduling the bottom seniority people (which includes me) are out and about. But... I have the feeling if they (the supervisors) do that, a few of the bottom seniority people may quit (not me). I emailed one of the supervisors with a suggestion on shift changes (not big changes, but minor ones that might help) but we'll see...

Other than that, my life is pretty boring... ;) So... I'm going back to fic-writing.

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