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Manic Monday


Well, as I mentioned earlier, we thought the new hire - Shannon - would start yesterday as 'full-fledged'/'flying by the seat of her pants'/non-trainee which she did. The results: she NEEDS more training. I don't know WHO trained her these past few weeks, but they neglected to tell her a few things - mainly things about hospital procedures and how we run reports and things like that. Sure, that's not as important in the big picture, but it is necessary to keep things running smoothly, and it's a bit tiring to babysit her. All I trained her was to check for certain things, make sure the technicians did their jobs correctly, and gave her a little practice on the computer because that's what my duties were on the two days she was assigned to me. Had my duties involved the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) I would have trained her on that. But they didn't. And that was where she was stuck on yesterday. *sigh* Not a good unit to be assigned on her very first day of 'real work'.


Gackie! The name makes me laugh, but I digress...

ok... onto brainstorming Award Categories. So everyone gets something! I'm not sure if April, Ivan, and the rest of the Hatters wanted one per character or at least one per player (so if the player has a million characters *cough*like *cough*Ivan *cough*, he'd only get one?) but here's the beginning of the list (to be edited to add more later...)

Each will have to have Male and Female, right?

Biggest Male Flirt (... hmm... Sly?)
Biggest Female Flirt (... Lauren?)
Most Insane Male (... Erik?)
Most Insane Female (... Charlie?)
Most Hyper (Jeannie?)
Most Wishy Washy (... Saffron? heehee! ;))
Most Loved Professor (I think... they decided Larae?)
Most Popular
Most Likely to Succeed - in...? Pranks? Life? (this one can be separated)
Most Likely to Be Found - doing...? in...? (this one can also be separated) - e.g. flying, studying, running a muck, sleeping in class, inebriated, etc.
Most Extroverted
Most Introverted
Most Vain
Most Intelligent
Most Evil (... Wes?) or Future United Kingdom Death Eater
Future Order Member
Most Glomp-Worthy
Biggest Glomper (... Ari?)
Most Boring (... Gabe? haha.. he just thinks he is! but he isn't! *glomp!*)
Most Creative

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