Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,


Okay, Ali. I know you're in London now (at least, I think you are unless your flight took off later than what I thought), but you got the mod position you wanted! So, as promised, I am telepathically transmitting the news to you. I hope you're not asleep! ^_~ And if you are, you'll dream of us as squirrels and Gabe's a tree with sexy branches. And I'll hand you an acorn and say, "Congratulations!"

Back to sanity...

Notes to self:
1. Work on next astrolharmony lesson.
2. Debate some more about either extending arithharmony's test for another week - or - work on its next lesson as well. I suppose this will depend on how much I accomplish with #1 tonight.
3. List of fics to write/complete/work on include:
a. The Clause part 2
b. 7spells #4
c. 30_hugs -finished 9 out of 30- need to brainstorm next plot
4. Pic manip?
5. Do I really want to add Jen's meme about drawing on my lj? ^_~

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