Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,


Not that I've been actually updating my journal as frequently as I used to, but just a little note to say I'll be gone from Saturday, August 5 to Monday, August 7. Going on a little trip up north (that means Northern California) with my sister, so hopefully I'll have pictures to share later (not as gorgeous as traceria's pics)... but we'll see. Or I could be a total dufus and forget my camera...

So... Notes to self:
1. Camera!
2. Toothbrush!
3. Anti-Nausea medication! (just in case)

I think I have everything else packed up and ready to go except my purse, which I can't really empty and sort until Friday night anyways. And I think I already marked elsewhere (in my comms) that I'm on the mini-hiatus... so I think I'm set. Hopefully.
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