Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Hawaiian BBQ

So... last night was the first time in a long time that I had dinner with a few of my co-workers (the last time we went out was December... so wow - nine months?)...

We went to a Hawaiian BBQ place / Karaoke bar. It was fun, though I didn't stay long enough to sing. One co-worker totally butchered a Frank Sinatra song but it was really brave of her to try singing it (I think it was 'I Get A Kick Out of You'? - which surprising has a controversial lyric! It talks about cocaine! - which just made all of us laugh!). It was nice, since we rarely go out. One of the new guys - a resident - suggested next time that we remove the 'Karaoke' label because that scares people from joining. hahaha!

Lessee... other news... the 26 week baby is still alive surprisingly. The mother is in her 40s and it was a spontaneous eruption that forced her to deliver at 26 weeks (gestational age is approximately 37 weeks); so the tiny pre-mie has a high mortality rate. Only weighed 370 grams! I think she's up to high 400 grams now... but still... imagine a 400 gram baby! Whose head is bleeding... it is so sad! I didn't get to see her for myself... I don't know if I want to follow our Neonatal Specialist to see. It is also sad to see a sixteen year old give birth to twins prematurely too. The Specialist said the father is nineteen, and we said that's statutory rape and someone would have to report it. I don't know if anyone did... I would assume the doctors would have done it upon admission, but I don't know... All that mandatory reporting gets confusing.

I work this weekend, but am off on Monday - Holiday! So I'm not sure if my folks want to do something...

I'm hoping to work on next week's lectures for HH... see my next post for some HH pimping ;D

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