Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Hogwarts In Harmony

Time to Pimp my Community! *SMOOCHES COMMUNITY!* ;D

Why? Because I am now Assistant Deputy Headmistress! *points to shiny icon* That means I'm a cheerleader! Which means all this crazy energy gets to do something constructive! ;D


Lovely close-knit community where no one gets lost. Points for houses are primarily gained by participating in any of the offered classes, intra- and inter-house challenges, and recommending or writing/drawing/submitting fanfics or fanart. No bashing allowed, naturally, of 'ships or houses. Much respect. ^_^

There, I am Professor of Arithmancy (arithharmony) and Astrology (astrolharmony). The Headmistress herself (Ms. Grammar Nazi! ;D) - anndee123 - is Professor of the Grammar (grammarharmony) and Mythology (mythharmony) classes. Deputy Headmistress (Physics Gal!) - ladybluestar - is Professor of Magical Theory from a Muggle Perspective (mtfmpharmony) and Defense Against the Dark Arts (dadaharmony). Lovely mari4212 and traceria are the Professors of Ethics of Magic (ethicsharmony); while magickira heads the Care of Magical Creatures Class (magcreatharmony). Rounding it off, Professors alphamatrix and gwenlliana teach Ancient Runes (harmonyrunes). Classes are taught once a week, sometimes once every two weeks, and bring a muggle perspective into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Hmm... what else can I say? I started as a Ravenclaw maybe six months ago, and surprisingly was promoted to Assistant Deputy Headmistress last week. The community doesn't have the fangirlish squeals that I find in my other two HP comms; and I have yet to experience any drama and/or wank there. In fact, I feel relaxed and welcomed - the girls (and few boys we have there) are wonderful!

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