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Inspired by forluck_yousaid, I've decided to create another account to archive and write my fics / post my art, manips, and whatnot. It is:


Creating it made me realize - 'gosh! I've written a LOT of Cedric and Cho fics, haven't I?' ;). There's nothing new at the site (so don't rush over there hoping to see The Clause part 2 - yet) and you don't have to friend it if you don't want to, as I am keeping it public (not friends-locked) for easy access. Hey, I love comments, so why would I prevent people from reading my stuff? It's just easier to index them there, so I don't have to look through my journal archives. Don't worry - once I post something there, I will let you know here and give appropriate links, etc., if you want to look or read or throw darts.

Other LJ news:
Surprised myself by finishing and posting my two lessons for my hogwartsharmony classes. Most likely, they will turn into lessons every two weeks instead of once a week, just because my first class arithharmony was supposed to be my only solo class and my second class astrolharmony was my joint-professorship class, but changed to solo as well. It's easier for me to write up lessons for the first than for the second (although the second has must easier - easy peasy - homework assignments).

RL news:
Nothing much going on. Had to appeal a parking ticket at work because I parked in the 'visitor's section' although it had not been clearly marked and it was on another site (not my main Hospital site) and since I only work there once or twice a month, I thought I was considered a 'visitor'. So, we'll see the results of the appeal in ten days. I'm hoping since this is my first offense that I'll get it completely waived. If not, my co-workers say they usually reduce the fine for just trying/appealing. (blah!) Suffice to say, whenever I have to go work there, I will drive my sister's car instead because they don't have her license plate and can't link it to an employee! So HA! :P

Seem to be watching more videos/dvds at home than actually going to the movie theaters! I don't think there's anything out now that I want to see, or that my sister wants to see. Just recently, we watched:
Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit - very cute! and funny!
Last Holiday - nice too; I thought it was supposed to be a comedy, but it really wasn't
The Tuxedo - borrowed it again, because I like certain funny parts
Teen Titans - yes, a few episodes from the cartoon series - I like Raven :D

I finally got my sister to see Chicken Run. I had wanted to watch it in theaters, but she didn't want to; and then I watched it on video and she didn't want to; so finally, she thought 'hmm... I guess I'll watch it' and she did and she liked it. ;P

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