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Luckily, I'm on a 'two week cycle' with my lectures for arithharmony and astrolharmony but... as I have work and hiatus coming soon, I will be working on their lessons earlier.

Tomorrow, September 16, I won't be around. Sorry, Boyd, that I won't be able to go thread-crazy with you (if you and Rho get caught up in the Gabe/Darcy/Veronica thread, feel free to skip Veronica as she probably would only be looking a little amused / possibly giggling at Darcy's antics while being sympathetic to Gabe). I will be back on Sunday, September 17, though, so I will help your thread-craziness then. ;D

Starting Monday, September 18, I will be working eight days in a row (yes, eight days AGAIN! *sigh* Yes, I'm too nice... well... maybe?) I volunteered to work on my day off (Friday, September 22) for a girl because she helped me out a couple weeks ago, and I figured it would be nice to get overtime. I also work that weekend (Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24). (Which is the reason I need to work on my lessons earlier so I won't be scrounging around at the last minute.) I will be working until Tuesday, September 26.

This leads to Wednesday, September 27, through Sunday, October 1. I will be on a mini-hiatus. I will be going to Hawaii with my sister! So, yes - I will try to remember to pack my camera and take pictures for you all (I hope I can remember everything in the middle of that eight-day work-stretch). I'm sure there will be internet cafes and/or internet access at the hotel, but I'm not counting on it - on me being able to log-in and check in with you guys. (ACH! E-mail and Internet withdrawal!) So, I will post my 'absence' / mini-hiatus in my comms sometime next week.

Now, I must remember to do my monthly hospital unit-inspection before I leave... *grumble* Just more things to remember and think about.

EDIT: Apparently, I can't count... because it's NINE days in a row! :P

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