Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,


My RL seems to be much more mellow than my LJ...

Yesterday, one of my supervisors called me into his office because he wanted to speak with me. (Me: uh oh! *panic*) When I went to see him and the other supervisor (two of them share an office), they just wanted to tell me what a good job I've been doing and that my co-workers speak highly of me. In fact, two of the new employees that I trained specifically asked to work with me (I guess I taught them a lot?) and I was getting praise from that. (Me: *whew!*) All in all, it was less than a minute conversation. One supervisor joked and asked me if I was slipping them $20 bills, and I replied that I gave them cookies! ;) Then, they pouted and asked why I didn't share the cookies with them... hahaha. Oh well.

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